27 September 2013

#31dc2013 - Day 27: Inspired by an artist

If you lived in Australia in the 80s chances are you know who Ken Done is. He was extremely popular in the 80s for his vibrant and childlike approach to landscapes and OTT Australiana paintings. I owned a hideous Ken Done jumper with a giant koala on it and at the time I thought I was pretty darn cool. I should have kept it, it's probably worth a mint these days! The painting I was inspired by is called Revelation 4 1988.

I used 8 different colours (neon pink, yellow, purple, magenta, candy pink, turquoise  jade and blue)  to create this look. I applied the polish by using the straight edge of a triangle make up sponge. I applied the colour to the edge of the sponge then let it dry for 5 minutes to create a hard "crusty" edge to the sponge. Then I dipped the sponge back into the colour and applied to the nail with a dabbing motion. 

The jewel tone colours in this painting and the random way they are put together is really beautiful. Until tomorrow....


  1. Love the colours, and a very clever way to get that chalky line! Awesome :)

  2. Love this. It reminds me of drawings my son would do for me when he was little. So cute and soooo colorful!!!!!



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